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The Light is What Draws You

O Helium

O Hydrogen

What we think as stars

Our Mind reflection

Our best guess......

Solstice, 2023

The longest day of the year seems like a good time to send messages everywhere and News. In the Studio, plants pushing forward again, as they frequently, do, wanting to be painted in a garden, a vase, free- floating, dried and new, torn and wild. The June sun bakes democratically, first the animals, the plants, the dirt, the rocks, the water, the rest of what, where there is any. Flowers hold their seeds for the monsoon showers. Saguaros shed their spiny flower stems and red luster fruit debris, doves still call Who Cooks For You? Who Cooks For You? Grey rocks and pink tan grey doves, Arthur Dove , too.

Still hearing Graham Nash and his lovely love songs from last night at the Fox Theatre. I hope you were there. Was that you waving your walking stick in the air? Dancing in your seat? We all saw you. And Graham, 81 years young, still missing Joni.

Since Covid, what was it? Joining the Drawing Studio team , teaching on ZOOM from the studio the art of Acrylic Painting and landscape, portraits, Matisse, collage, Visionaries, Textiles and In a series...... continuously for last 2 and 1/2 years... Nancy may never leave her house again, but her paintings are so wonderful she can build a gazebo, a tent, clothing for her cats, whatever else she wants with everything.

Now teaching the arts writer who so kindly wrote about my paintings long ago how to paint.

Love your life, Paint like you mean it. Paint it til you like it, then there's the color mixing.....

Thank you for hanging out

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